Little Lord is a Brooklyn-based company that produces vibrantly bawdy, irreverent, intelligent, queer, funny (and often musical) theater. Focusing on offbeat adaptations of classic (or neglected) texts, Little Lord plunders the theatrical canon in order to forge new plays from old parts. Originally formed in 2007 under the guidance of Target Margin Theater—a mainstay of the New York City experimental “downtown” community—Little Lord has since brought our signature homemade aesthetic to venues such as the Bushwick Starr, Judson Church, HERE Arts Center, the OHIO Theater, the Chocolate Factory Theater, Incubator Arts Project, and the Brick.

Little Lord makes smart, lively, extensively researched, unexpected theater that is accessible without being "easy." With every show, we aim to create an atmosphere of shared experience in which nostalgia, discovery, densely-layered cultural references, and a simultaneous delight in and irreverence towards text all combine to make a whole that is far more than the sum of its many parts. Rather than trying to replicate or echo the over-mediated modern experience, Little Lord performances offer a respite: a place where audience and performers can sink into a shared (if often deliberately misplaced) nostalgia for an analog world; where “multimedia” is no more complex than Saturday morning cartoons; where audience members who come in thinking they’re not “theater people” can be surprised—and even transformed—by the possibilities of the form.

And all of our collaborators past and present:

Julia Arazi, Mallery Avidon, Lance Bankerd, Eliza Bent, Stacey Berman, Karen Boyer, Kaaron Briscoe, Chris Brown, Tonya Canada, Phil Carluzzo, Eileen Casterline, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Ka-Ling Chung, Simon Cleveland, Aimee Davis, Corinne Donly, Richard Drake, Bevan Dunbar, Das Elkin, Mike Floyd, Daphne Gaines, Joshua William Gelb, Sofia Jean Gomez, David Greenspan, Elizabeth Barrett Groth, Megan Hill, Ásta Bennie Hostetter, Jessica Joy, Jane Jung  (producer emeritus), Randi Kleiner, Diana Konopka, Alexandra Kuechler Caffall, John Kurzynowski, David Margolin Lawson, Polly Lee, Rachel Levens, Tlaloc Lopez-Waterman, Meg MacCary, Kate Marvin, Sydney Maresca, Aaron Mattocks, Johari Mayfield, Kaitlin Nemeth, Rodney Pallanck, Jeremy Duncan Pape, Wayne Petro, Eva Salina Primack, Joy Radish, Dan Regelski, Meredith Reis, Sadrina Renee, Natalie Robin, Dina Paola Rodriguez, Leah Rudick, Dans Maree Sheehan, Tina Shepard, Franny Silverman, Jason Simms, Hugh Sinclair, Julia Sirna-Frest, Sarah Small, Sam Soghur, Alan Tyson, Amanda Villalobos Donya K. Washington, Christina Watanabe, Stephanie Weeks, Enrico D. Wey, Merlin Whitehawk, Nicholas Williams, Peiyi Wong, Serena Wong, Becky Yamamoto, and José Zayas

Michael Levinton (artistic director) is a producer, director, performer, and creator of original work for the theater. As the Founder and Artistic Director of Little Lord, Michael serves as the director and primary adaptor of the company’s work. In addition to all Little Lord work, he has performed in David Greenspan’s Old Comedy at Classic Stage Company, and has produced and curated programs for Target Margin Theater, Clubbed Thumb, and Dixon Place. Originally from Baltimore (where he was trained as a ham on the dinner theater circuit), Michael attended Sarah Lawrence  College where he studied mythology, ritual, religion, and theater. 

Laura von Holt (associate artistic director) is a marginally famous writer and performer from Hawai’i. Besides her work with Little Lord, she is best known as her pinup and performance artist alter ego, von Hottie. Laura chronicles her adventures in training to be an aerial silks acrobat in her fitness challenge series, The Silk Road, on Laura is the sparkly half of aerial comedy duo, Flaming Mermaid Broken Star, which creates and performs "stunning feats of how-dare-they" on the regular.

Sarah Bishop-Stone (dramaturg-at-large) has worked as as the Cultural Engagement Associate for Peak Performances at Montclair State University, a producer and dramaturg for Nerve Ensemble, spent several years in the literary office of Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, and stage-managed new plays for companies such as Soho Rep, Pig Iron, Clubbed Thumb, New York Stage and Film, and New Dramatists. She currently serves as Programming Manager at FringeArts in Philadelphia . BA, Columbia University. MFA, Yale School of Drama.

Freddie/Leroy/Cedric (mascot) is Freddie Bartholomew, an actor who played Cedric Erroll, aka Little Lord Fauntleroy, in the 1936 film of the same name. The original name of the company was The Little Lord Fauntleroys, based on a nickname given to Michael Levinton in his youth because of his unfortunate luck of appearing numerous times in terrible family friendly holiday musicals in a pair of knee-high socks and yellow knickers. The name was shortened in 2010.