LITTLE LORD is a Brooklyn-based company that develops and produces smart, lively, and unexpected performances. Ransacking the traditions of camp and pillaging faulty nostalgias in order to create a false sense of comfort and security for audiences, Little Lord’s work ultimately seeks to uproot the familiar – simultaneously celebrating the ridiculous, while exhuming troubling truths underneath the glee. In exploring this darker underbelly of the human condition – rough edges, visible seams, et al – Little Lord holds a funhouse mirror up to our shared cultural memories in order to subvert, challenge, and delight audiences with the possibilities of the theatrical form.

Originally formed in 2007 under the guidance of Target Margin Theater—a mainstay of the New York City experimental “downtown” community—Little Lord has since brought our signature rough and ready aesthetic to venues such as the Bushwick Starr, the Brick, Judson Church, HERE Arts Center, the OHIO Theater, the Chocolate Factory Theater, and Incubator Arts Project.

Little Lord shows are “junk spectaculars” – built using layers upon layers of found text, pop culture detritus, upended performance conventions, and thrift store treasures. Focusing on offbeat adaptations of classic or neglected texts, Little Lord plunders the theatrical canon in order to forge new plays from old parts. We share the belief that art gains power by exposing and exploiting its own methods and architecture, fully embracing the theatrical, while at the same time pulling the curtain back on the mechanics. The scripts we create are part collage, part adaptation, part new writing, and part ensemble devised, and always the result of extensive research periods into our source materials. Bridging the gap between mainstream, narrative-driven and formally challenging theater, Little Lord’s work has been praised as “thought-provoking,” “fearless in its weirdness,” and “scrappy creative brilliance.”

MICHAEL LEVINTON (co-director) is a writer, director, producer, performer, and creator of original work for the theater. He is originally from Baltimore, where he was trained as a ham on the dinner theater circuit. Download resume here.

LAURA VON HOLT (co-director) is a marginally famous writer and performer from Hawai’i. Besides her work with Little Lord, she is best known as her pinup and performance artist alter ego, von Hottie.

FREDDIE/LEROY/CEDRIC (mascot) is Freddie Bartholomew, an actor who played Cedric Erroll, aka Little Lord Fauntleroy, in the 1936 film of the same name. The original name of the company was The Little Lord Fauntleroys, based on a nickname given to Michael Levinton in his youth because of his unfortunate luck of appearing numerous times in terrible family friendly holiday musicals in a pair of knee-high socks and yellow knickers. The name was shortened in 2010.