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Individual support:

Ann and Gil Abramson, Dania Abu-Shaheen, Bruce Allardice and Victoria Abrash, Anastasia Andino, Julia Arazi, Mallery Avidon, James Ball, Tiffany Baran, Elisabeth Bayer, Lisa Bender, Lorraine and Jerry Bernstein, Herbie and Michele Better, Gene Bishop and Andrew Stone, Michael and Shirley Bishop, Leah Bishop and Gary Yale, Ben Bishop, Bodine Boling, Christopher Bowers, Jessica Brater, Micah Bucey, David and Marilyn Carp, Eileen Casterline, Travis Chamberlain, Rosalyn Chi, Arlene Chico-Lugo, Siena Chrisman, Erin Clark, Amy Cole, Michael Yates Crowley, Julia Dahl, Aimee Davis, John Del Gaudio, Sophie Donelson, Maureen Donohue, Lisa Dring, Suzanne Elkin, Miriam Felton-Dansky, Sheryl Goodspeed, Emily Griffin, David Gwinup, Judy and Will Hancock, Katie Hartman, Hannah Hessel, Foxy and Matthew Hickman, Megan Hill, Meret Hofer and Jared Rohrer, Kristina Hoge, John Issendorf, Julia Jarcho, Carol Jin, Sheehan and Jon Joseph, Stanton and Susan Joseph, Adam and Andrea Joseph, Sandra Joseph, Jane Jung, Jeannie and Wooyeol Jung, Daniel Jung, Julia Kelly, Sutton Kiplinger, Diana Konopka, Andrew Lawton, Allison Lear, Polly Lee, Judith S. Lee, Caitlin Leffel, Erica Levinton, Howard and Peggy Levinton, Melissa Li, Charles London, Margaret MacCary, Ashford MacNab, Lauren E. Mancia and Adam Gidwitz, Colin Mannex, Koren Manning, Michael Markham, Laura McKenna, Lindsey Medeiros, Kaaron Minefee, Briana Mowrey, Francine Newman, Jillian Niesley, Katherine Nintzel, Peter Nish, Isaac Oliver, Natalie Orcutt, Amy Lee Pearsall, Kara Petraglia, Art Priromprintr, Donald Roeseke, Jr., Rachael Rose, Alyse Rothman, Gregory Sargeant, Kate Scelsa and Amanda Villalobos, Marty Schwartz, Aaron Schwartzbord, Merle and Steve Seigel, Lisa and Ben Seigel, Susan Sharer, Dans Sheehan, Justin Okin, Kara Petraglia, Mayumi Shimose Poe, Bruce Steinberg, Adrienne Stone and Richard Smith, Maria Striar, Andrew Szegedy-Maszak, Robert Talesnik, Jonathan Tarlin, Allison Taylor, Angela Taylor, Patrick Tonks and Jen Steiner, Pono and Angie von Holt, Catherine Wallach, Stephanie Weeks, Michael and Sara Weinberg, Liz Wexler, Danny Williams, Khaliah Williams, David Winitsky, Barry Winkler, Eve and Will Wolff, Sarah Wozniak, Rebecca Yale, Elizabeth Yale, Aaron and Joanie Young, Sara Zatz, Lanie Zipoy, Anonymous (8)

Institutional support:

Mental Insight Foundation, The Nancy Quinn Fund, a project of A.R.T./New York, the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council, Inc. (BAC), and The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation.

This list is current as of October 10, 2014. If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact so that we may correct it.