Pocahontas and/or America affectionately asks some tough questions about American history. What is truth? What is artifact? What is common knowledge? This thought-provoking piece reminds us that “facts are the framework of history,” and urges us to find the truth lying somewhere among the ornament. —Brooklyn Exposed

[A] nuanced, energetic show, which the ensemble brings out with much love for their craft and their country. —nytheatre.com

Brimming with blunt irony…a folksy pastiche of patriotism and crass cultural shenanigans. —Backstage

Amid its silliness, Pocahontas manages to strike more poignant chords. The play asks questions about why we still, in the year 2013, have Redskins sports teams and Land O’Lakes butter labels. Beneath its satire, Pocahontas slathers on some troubling truths. —Village Voice


The Bushwick Starr and Little Lord Present:
Pocahontas, and/or America
Written and adapted by Michael Levinton and Laura von Holt
Directed by Michael Levinton

Performances March 5-23, Wednesdays – Saturdays at 8pm

With over 400 years of history, legend, and pop culture as its sources, Little Lord reconstructs the American myth of Pocahontas in their fifth full-length stage work, Pocahontas, and/or America. Taking up the mantle of the early 19th-century dramatists who invented the American theater, Pocahontas, and/or America recreates our country’s origins through the lens of the immortal Indian princess, belle sauvage, Pocahontas. Using contemporary historical accounts, 19th-century melodramas, YMCA Indian Guides, archaeological research, and more, Little Lord digs into disputed histories to find out if it’s still even possible to make a patriotic piece of theater.

Part historical pageant, part roadside attraction, Little Lord corrupts over 400 years of fact and fiction to grant America the founding myth we all deserve.

Pocahontas, and/or America features Kaaron Briscoe*, Das Elkin, Joshua William Gelb, Polly Lee*, Alan Tyson, Laura von Holt, Stephanie Weeks*, and Enrico D. Wey*.

Created by Little Lord; directed by Michael Levinton; written by Michael Levinton and Laura von Holt; set and costume design by Elizabeth Barrett Groth; lighting design by Natalie Robin; sound design by Phil Carluzzo; choreography by Randi Kleiner. Stage Managed by Kaitlin Nemeth, Assistant Stage Manager Richard Drake. Production Manager: Jeremy Duncan Pape. Artistic Associate: Eileen Casterline. Producer: Jane Jung. Associate Producer / Dramaturg: Sarah Bishop-Stone.

Props Designer: Alexandra Caffall ~ Associate Costume Designer: Mike Floyd ~ Associate Lighting Designer: Serena Wong

* Denotes member of Actors’ Equity Association