“Meet the “Little Lords” behind the Felix Salten Mashup Production”

—  “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS” in HEEB Magazine (link here, pdf here)

“Spring Season at the Starr: Joshua Conkel, Michael Levinton, and Eliza Bent”

—  “Pocahontas, and/or AMERICA” in The Brooklyn Rail (link here)

“A Budget “Babes” at the Brick”

—  “Babes in Toyland” in Brooklyn Paper (link here)

“Holiday Theater, in Three Flavors”

“Babes in Toyland” in the New York Times (pdf here)


“There are darker currents sweeping under, and occasionally subsuming, the campy surfaces in which Little Lord traffics. These depths, like the aroma of Pop-Tarts, are a welcome and heartening surprise.”

—  New York Times (Critics’ Pick) on “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS” (link here, pdf here)

Beneath its satire, ‘Pocahontas’ slathers on some troubling truths.”

— Village Voice on “Pocahontas, and/or AMERICA”

“The zany company Little Lord whips on its long apron, flips a napkin over its arm and serves up a nicely realized bit of perverse wackadoodle frivolity...Surely it will touch something in you that will wriggle with pleasure.”

—  Time Out New York on “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS”

"To call the work ambitious is an understatement. It is fearless in its weirdness."

—  Tablet Magazine on “BAMBIF*CKER/KAFFEEHAUS” (link here, pdf here)

Little Lord, who’ve made a forte out of retelling old stories with a gender-bending, irreverent twist, are worth keeping an eye out for.”

— Jewcy on “JEWQUEEN”

“Little Lord's production bears the sparks of scrappy creative brilliance we've come to expect from them.”

—  New York Theater Review on “Pocahontas, and/or AMERICA”

“An exuberantly campy rag-tag confection...a deliciously cheap, satisfying sugar rush with a little tartness thrown in for good measure.”

—  New York Theater Review on “Babes in Toyland”

Examining the unmentionable seems to be the theatrical mission of Little Lord.”


“Little Lord’s ‘Babes’ is created from the stuff theatrical dreams are made of.”

— ObsceneJester on “Babes in Toyland”