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Michael Levinton is a writer, director, performer, and creator of original work for the theater. As Founder and Artistic Director of Little Lord, he develops and produces “junk spectaculars,” premiering work at venues throughout NYC. His work has been seen or developed at Abrons Arts Center, Next Door @ NYTW, Bushwick Starr, the Brick, Chocolate Factory, HERE Arts Center, Incubator Arts Project, OHIO Theatre’s Ice Factory, Judson Church, Dixon Place, Target Margin Theater, Drop Forge & Tool, and UNDER St. Marks. Bridging mainstream, narrative-driven theater and formally challenging performance art, Levinton’s work with Little Lord has been praised as “eerie and dangerous,” “a beautiful, uncomfortable, hallucinogenic ride,” and “a fever dream that straddles the line between ecstatic and tragic.” 


Artistically he is particularly interested in the intersection of self-taught outsider art, ritual and religious pageantry, and the beauty and awkward sincerity of amateur theatrics: how are these larger than life stories told? What substitute materials are used to create this work? What are the workarounds for lack of skills or resources? How is the result almost more honest than a professional interpretation? 


In addition to Little Lord, Michael Levinton is a producer, curator, and non-profit management consultant, and has worked with dozens of NYC performing arts companies in generating and growing new artistic programs. He is a 2018 Drama League Resident, a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College (with focus on Mythology/Ritual), an associated artist of Target Margin Theater, a member of Actors’ Equity, and a ham trained on the Baltimore Dinner Theatre circuit.

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